Frequently Asked Questions - Payment

FAQs - Payment

Due to the fact Baja Weekender must make commitments with its suppliers long before a trip begins, deposits and final payments are subject to all cancellations fees. We STRONGLY ADVISE you purchase travel insurance. Baja Weekender suggests such insurance through Bad Dog Travel Insurance Broker solely as a convenience to you and is not responsible for any claim, liability, loss or damage resulting from the purchase or failure to purchase such insurance. Cancellation fee schedule:


Deposits and Baja Weekender payments are non-refundable


31-59 Days prior to departure date: 50% Trip Cost Withheld


30 Days and under prior to departure date: 100% Trip Cost Withheld


In addition to the aforementioned fees, all fees assessed by PayPal during the booking process are non-refundable.


1. After reading about your trip and you're ready to lock in your spot, you will want make your payment through the PayPal module on the right side of the webpage. YOU DO NOT NEED PAYPAL to pay with your credit card. You may use PayPal to make this payment or any other payment to Baja Weekender but this will incur a processing fee of 3.5% for using PayPal or your credit card.


2. After you make your payment on PayPal's safe and secure website and you're done for now. You will receive an email with a confirmation. You will also receive links to PayPal for your next payments. You will receive an statement/invoice and statement from mannyvproductions@gmail.com. Please allow emails from this address as well.


Please, if you have questions, use our Contact page and give us a shout.


Paying with money order is simple but will require a little more leg work. Deadlines must be kept. Confirmation is not given until your payment is received at Baja Weekender HQ. Read on..

1. Send to:
Manuel Vargas
662 Corvina Street
Imperial Beach, CA 91932

2. Send an email to mannyvproductions@gmail.com once you have sent your payment. You will recieve a response to this email.

3. You will receive a phone call and/or email with a confirmation of receiving your payment. Please allow emails from mannyvproductions@gmail.com email address. You will receive a receipt from mannyvproductions@gmail.com. 

 **Please note, if someone claims the last spot of a trip via PayPal before your email mentioning your Money Order/Bank Issued Check, that spot will be given to the PayPal paying person.

The booking process is simple. You can pay online with a credit card via PayPal or with a bank issued Money Order which you will send to Baja Weekender's HQ. You may pay in person in cash as well.