Frequently Asked Questions - Trip Details

FAQs - Trip Details

Yes and No. Special procedures will be taken if traveler is/are under the age of 18. Please contact Manny V for more info.


Baja Weekender highly recommends that you consult your doctor or visit a local clinic at least one month before any trip to a foreign country. Baja Weekender cannot make you go to see a doctor but seriously, you do not want to have a major buzz kill on one of our trips. Being sick overseas is probably one of the worst things that could happen to you. Please take every precaution to avoid getting infected while abroad!

The CDC website is an awesome place to start, check it out at:


All Baja Weekender trips going into the countries of Mexico require you to have a valid passport. I'm sorry but there are no excuses or loopholes for not having a passport before boarding a Baja Weekender trip! Here's the link to get your passport going right now...


You may also visit your local post office for information about how to go about getting your passport directly through their offices. PLEASE DO NOT DELAY! THE PROCESSING TIME TO GET YOUR PASSPORT CAN TAKE SOME TIME!


I have plenty of friends who have been going to Mexico with me for years. And sometimes they forget that Mexico is a different country with a different set of consequences for breaking the law. Please click the link below and read over what the US Department of State has to say about traveling to Mexico. Although the webpage talks about Spring Break in Mexico, it touches on many great points that relate to your Baja Weekender trip. 



YES! This is another major reason that sets us apart from all other tour companies. Because Manny V is with you the entire time, you're going get all the photos from his cameras during your entire trip. Manny V is a professional photographer that loves to be in the water with you. So the chances of you getting an awesome water shot is in your favor.

You'll be able to download any and all photos from your trip for FREE. These images are resized and watermarked. They are perfectly resized to be used for emails, Facebook and more. 

Plus, Manny V will post high resolution photos for you to purchase and print. His great photography website allows you to print everything from small wallet sized prints to awesome prints on metal. If that isn't enough, you can have your favorite image printed on tshirts, playing cards, mugs and more!

Days following your trip, you'll receive a cool three minute video montage of your trip. It will be available to you via www.youtube.com/mannyvproductions

All video clips taken from the trip will be available on www.MannyVPhoto.com along with your re-sized/watermarked photos. The video clips will also be watermarked and re-sized for easy usage on the internet. 

Your highness, Mother Nature, is in control on how big and what direction the swell comes in. Surfline and other online swell forecasters do a decent job on predicting swell. 

With the over 30 years of Baja experience at the helm, Manny V will ensure that we find the perfect empty break that will accommodate you and your group. 

With that being said, he will not take a beginner group to a heavy reef break. Manny V will not take a group to crowded spots either. Manny V will not take the group to a spot that is going off and with one person out. That is not fair to the solo wave rider that is enjoying his/her time with the ocean. 

The goal here is to find our own waves that are perfect for our group.


Only if you want to :)  No, we will have options from carne asada, adobada (marinated pork), fish, shrimp, lobster (dinner), rice, beans. Vegans and vegetarians are responsible to bring a supply of food just in case the restaurants we visit do not offer something to your liking. 

For all Baja Weekenders that are Beginner/Novice surfers, yes. 

Manny V will also talk about each break and how it works with consideration to ocean floors, currents, obstacles, etc.

Baja Weekenders are short quick escapes into Mexico. You are okay to bring your prescribed medications to keep you alive and healthy. Baja Weekender highly suggests you bring along your doctor prescribed paperwork as well. It'll give you that much more of a security blanket. 

Medical marijuana is a definite NO WAY. With a zero tolerance for marijuana and other hard drugs, it's best to leave that at home.

Here is a link to the CDC for more information on traveling into Mexico: