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Baja Weekender

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Steve H.
2019-11-15, 10:39
Took my daughter on a weekend trip with Manny in November. What a blast! The 3 other surfers (2 women and 1 guy) were a joy to be with. The food was awesome as promised and the surf local was spot on. Manny is more than accommodating. You can't go wrong.
2019-11-13, 16:21
Baja Weekender was one of the most fun weekends I've had. Tons of surf (including some AMAZING photos + videos), superb food and a lot of laughing with a cool group. Thank you Manny!
Justine W.
2019-11-11, 17:50
This is probably my 6th Baja Weekender with Manny V. My stoke for Baja just keeps growing after each trip. Manny always makes sure you are well fed and have surfed your brains out. Not only is the entire experience epic but afterwards you get access to all your photos and videos he captured of you surfing. You can laugh at all your wipeouts, remember those good waves and good times you had. This trip is for any level of surfer who is looking to have that amazing Baja experience. Thanks Manny :)
2019-11-10, 22:27
Manny is as knowledgeable as he is kind! Fun and SAFE trip for all ages, groups, sizes. Highly, highly recommend and I'm excited to have these incredible memories forever. Not that I need them because Manny took plenty of sweet vids and photos of the whole thing!

2019-05-30, 18:14
Such an epic weekend! Thank you Manny for unlocking some Baja secrets I never would’ve found on my own. Fantastic surf and food was had by all. When he says you’ll surf your brains out it’s not a joke, 6 hrs in one day!!! On top of all that video and photos gave me so much insight on things I need to work on. I can’t thank you enough! ??
2019-05-27, 06:57
My third Baja Weekender. Manny makes the trip so easy. I ate too much good food and surfed myself to exhaustion - again.
2019-05-23, 20:36
Ok...this is my 6th Baja Weekender! Do I really need to say more?,
2019-03-20, 22:04
Baja Weekenders are my favorite. Despite knowing the area and already goingto Baja 5-6 time a year, I make it a point to go on at least one BW every year. Manny always makes the trip seem fresh and new, by taking the group to perfect surf spots and ensuring everything is totally seamless. I’m squeezing in as many trips as I can before Manny realizes how much more he should be charging for such a rad experience.
Lily N
2019-03-19, 17:30
The Baja Weekender was definitely an amazing experience. Manny went above and beyond to ensure our experience was like no other. He made sure to keep our bellies full with awesome food and hearts fulfilled with the love of the ocean. Even after hours of surfing, we were still able to get some sightseeing in, showing us the beauties of what Mexico has to offer. Can't believe it’s taken me this long to finally do this but I am beyond stoked I did. I will definitely be doing another trip with him very soon. I can not thank you enough Manny! My sincerest gratitude! ??
Kayiita J.
2019-03-19, 15:24
From the start, I knew it was going to be an epic trip. Manny communicated with us regularly and handled all our questions super quickly. During the trip, he made logistics super painless and I barely had to think - just surf :) Couple that with his warm personality, great tips on improving my surfing and his stellar restaurant spots, and this is a trip I plan on re-booking many times in the future!
2019-03-19, 13:51
Manny was a great guide, it was obviously not his first rodeo. The whole trip I felt safe and comfortable, I do not speak any Spanish and had only been to Mexico once before. The group wanted bigger waves, he found us bigger waves. The group wanted candies, he found us candies. One aspect I feel that is undersold on the Baja Weekender website is the quality and amount of pictures he took. It sure is a warm and fuzzy feeling to see yourself on high quality pictures surfing glassy turquoise waves. Manny was well prepared, resourceful and full of good vibes! 10/10 for my weekender trip.
Nash H
2019-03-18, 08:39
Manny is an awesome host and showed us a killer time in Baja - In fact, getting across the border took way longer than expected and Manny took extra effort to drive us all the way to the airport to make sure we didn't miss out flights back to SF. Great Guy, Great Weekend, Great surf.
2019-03-14, 12:29
The Baja Weekender trip with the SDSL was a blast! This was my first time on it and my first surf trip in general. Manny did a wonderful job as our guide ensuring we were well taken care of with good food, sightseeing, local info and most importantly open waves for the taking. I'm a new surfer, so it was an amazing experience to be in an empty lineup with the other ladies, going for as many waves as I could.

I'd highly recommend this for anyone looking to score loads of waves and have a guide that makes you feel safe in Mexico, without sacrificing fun.
Joyce F
2019-02-25, 13:44
Manny is the best host. He went out of his way to make our trip memorable, safe, and fun. From the moment we booked our trip, he has been organized, and answered any concerns we had. Aside from showing us the best surf spots, he took us to his favorite restaurants and guided us to the best meal to order. None was a disappointment. He is such a great entertainer, storyteller. He made extra trips to get us breakfast, coffee, pastries, etc. He kept us well fed!
Manny keeps the trip cost down by providing a no frills hotel. My suggestion is for the winter months, I don't mind paying extra for heat! The place we stayed at is good for the summer months.
This is my first time travelling with Manny and it certainly is not the last. I felt safe with someone like him who has knows the area well, and the locals have a lot of respect for him
2019-02-12, 20:41
I had such a great time in Baja with Manny and the other surfers! I found the surf trip vibe I was looking for and that I was missing : 2 days dedicated to surf (and food :P), the discovery of a new country, culture and new spots, sharing experience and time with new people and having a lot of fun!
That was great to go with Manny for my first time in Mexico as he takes care of everything and you just have to enjoy. Manny is a great person he will teach you a lot! I will return with him without any hesitation!! Thanks again Manny !!
2019-02-02, 19:01
What a fun and safe intro to Baja! I had been curious to see northern Baja for a while, but coming from the East Coast, I was nervous to go by myself. Manny really knows his way around the area, surf breaks, and restaurants. He even made a special trip to accommodate my food allergy. I hope to become a repeat.
2019-01-30, 19:51
Manny was a great host. To say that he found us great surf and delicious food feels like an understatement. If you are reading these reviews because you are unsure and nervous about what the experience will bring, you should stop worrying and just book already! Manny will definitely make sure you leave Baja dreaming about the next time you can go back.
2019-01-30, 00:27
Manny is the Man! He more than delivered for our trip! Opened my eyes up to a whole new world to surf - Manny is extremely knowledgeable of surf locations, places to eat, and how to have a good time. My group had AMAZING food, GREAT surf, and felt totally safe. Manny's two decades or more of experience in Baja clearly shows. We didn’t have to think of anything other than a group name :p Everything was all taken cared of and Manny is aware of everyone and very attentive and making sure we were enjoying the whole experience. What a fun and eye opening experience. I witnessed Manny fully live two great sayings "do Epic Sh*t" and "always do the right thing" Thanks Manny for creating such a service! I will be signing up again and again!
2019-01-29, 17:43
Great surf trip thanks to Manny! Safe, well organised, great entertainer, great food and obviously, Manny brings you to the right surfing place at the right moment! Looking for doing this again!
Jay Fajardo “jaycation”
2019-01-24, 07:38
Baja weekender 1/18/19 - 1/20/19
This past weekend I was able to meet up with the Legend Manny V, The Husky Boyz and Chuy.
Let me first start that around Nov. of last year there was some chatter of the Baja Weekender coming back. I started getting excited to get back in the water after my wife and I had a baby. And really no time to boogie. Then, I got an invite from my buddy Ricky Moore, this guy who let me borrow my first wetsuit, a cut off full suit made into a spring suit, was one the fellas who taught me how to ride and push me to ride bigger waves and push myself. Anyways... after talking with my awesome wife, she said of course you can go that is your passion and you haven’t been in the water for over 10 weeks. So I was stoked. I hit up Manny V and got one of the Last spots.
So Friday January 18 finally comes around. Teddy T. And Rob E. Drive up from Sata Barbara. I grab my board bag and jump into my truck headed to the OC to grab a DK No.6 Micah “da hammah “ McMullin board because my board busted several month ago. Then, we headed down to San Diego. To meet up with the crew. Once everybody was there we loaded the Baja Weekender mobile we started to head south.
This is when our adventures begins. We started off with all the boyz joking around during the BoogLIFE podcast as we enter Mexico! We were stopped, of course, because of all our board bags and our car went thru the x-ray machine. Then we jumped into our ride and continued our journey. As we finally made it in town, we pulled off too grab some Beers and eat some al pastor tacos. When we get to our awesome beach front pad we all pick are rooms to get situated. The following morning we head out to the secret spot where we hiked down the mountain repelled the side of a cliff to straight to a perfect wedge. There were no other watermen in site except our crew. We all suited up and jumped into the water to get our boogie on exchanging waves for several hours with no one around. We wrapped up our session and hiked up the 1 mile trek. Exhausted and all we made it to the car. For a treat, MV took us to the Blow Hole for some drinks and snacks. We drove back towards our place but not before we stopped for a wonderful lobster feast. Then we called it a day. The following morning we cruise to the local spot and with only 6 people out. We boogied our brains out. We came back to our pad, washed up, packed up the gear then we grabbed some lunch. The ride home was epic. As we waited to get over the border, we recapped our trip by having a slideshow of all the photos and videos. It was cool reminiscing about this amazing weekend.
I already miss Mexico and the boys can’t wait to boogie with you soon. The best part of it all is we made new friends. And all we had to do was jump into the car. The trip was care free. MV drove us around, showed us the spots, took care of the pad and the food was included. This is a must do for any waterman or woman. Get on it and book your trip with Manny Vargas and Baja Weekender. Good times.
Chris McCorkell
2019-01-23, 12:17
I've been fortunate enough to go on numerous wave riding missions with Manny Vargas. My 1st trip dating back to Cabo freak fest '05. I recently got back from my 3rd Baja weekender. Manny knows every wave and caters to the board you choose to ride. My bodyboarding group scored a secret wedge that I was hoping to ride for a while. Not only are there waves, the trip include lots of tasty food such as Breakfast Burritos, Tacos and Lobster. Thanks for showing me a great time MV. I'll see you on the next trip!
Ricky Moore
2019-01-22, 13:52
Did you hear that?? No? Listen closer....yeah, there it is. That's the sound of no worries my friends. Exactly what you want for an EPIC Baja Weekender trip. Being a return customer (I've done 3 trips so far), I already know what Manny brings to the table. Fun, safe, hassle free wave riding epicness from the start. If, by chance, you end up down in Baja without mother nature blessing you with waves, Manny has way more in store if the conditions aren't cooperating. Wine tasting anyone?? Yeah, count me in too. The deal and the fearless leader can not be beat. Hands down. Baja is best experienced with Baja Weekender and Manny Vargas leading the charge. He also knows where the best food is too, if you're into that. I certainly am. Thanks Manny, you're a legend brotha!!
Rob Esposo
2019-01-21, 16:41
Just got back from my first Baja Weekender bodyboarding trip and was not disappointed. Many V took us to some remote spots that offer some unreal wedge breaks to clean throwing beach breaks. No matter the skill level he knew it all when it comes to Baja! It was a safe and worry free weekend and everything was taken care of from the room and board to all the hole in the wall taco spots. I'll be the first one to sign up again!
2018-12-24, 08:47
The most fun I’ve ever had surfing in Mexico. Manny knows the area and people and will take care of everything for you. He will take you to the best breaks for your level and conditions and take excellent photos and videos of your surfing. I highly recommend you do a Baja weekender at least once a year. Thanks, Manny!!! #teamnofilter
Jeanne B
2018-12-20, 17:16
Glassy waves, near-empty lineups and lobster -- what else could you want from a Baja surf weekend? Manny V is a fun, chill guide who is dialed in to all the best breaks and restaurants, speaks fluent Spanish, knows the locals and is all about making sure you have a great time. Our group of five women felt totally safe in and out of the water. Can't wait for the next one!
2018-11-20, 10:34
Surfed my brains out with Manny Vargas Baja Weekender trip. I am still taking in all the beauty, the great rides and the awesome moments shared with Manny and the ladies this weekend. I am a beginner surfer and got to ride more waves (perfect ones) in this trip than in all my previous outings together so far. Manny's precise and kind feedback allowed me a lot of progress from day 1 to day 2. His photos and videos gave me great insights on what to focus next. Another cool thing, Baja Weekender supports local business. It was a lot of fun to mingle with locals and to enjoy delicious gluten free vegetarian food while the group appreciated their fresh sea food baja style dishes. I totally recommend Baja Weekender. Other than surfing beautiful, perfect, not crowded spots, Manny’s life experiences stories, his own passion, excitement and knowledge about surfing and the region add unmeasurable value to this trip and provide a very authentic baja/surfing experience.
Tamara Z
2018-11-19, 18:03
Got back yesterday and already looking forward to booking the next trip! Manny took us to a spectacular and wide open surf spot (OMG so GREAT), I met some really wonderful people along the way, ate delicious Baja specialties, and got to experience first-hand how beautiful the coastline is S. of the border. Manny had the details nailed down, but he was also flexible with the mood of our group at the time. Manny's surf and body boarding stories were super entertaining, and loved hearing what he knows about the ocean and geography of surf, I picked up some great tips for improving my skills, too. I'm still going through hundreds of photos he shot (included in the trip). Can't wait to correct some of the things I saw myself doing (wrong) so I can improve my ride. I didn't really have any good photos of myself on my board until this trip. I recommend Baja Weekender - it's a simple, down to earth good value for an adventurous weekend.
2018-11-19, 08:50
CANNOT WAIT TO GO BACK!! From the beginning, Manny made us feel welcome, safe, and stoked for our weekend in Baja. He goes above and beyond. The accommodations, food, and (most importantly) waves were perfect. If you go to Baja, go with Manny.
Maddy Ramirez
2017-12-03, 17:35
Recently I attended a Manny Vargas Baja Weekender. From start to finish, the weekend exceeded my expectations. Manny safely transported us to and from Mexico with 4 wonderful sessions under our belts. I leave Baja with places I hope to revisit, food that I would like re-taste and pictures that show how much fun I was having surfing. The accommodations were clean and secure. The group of "surfistas" are bonded for life through "Sol" as we are now and forever will be..."Sol Sistas" . I will add that Manny throws out tips and if you are listening, those tips will help your surfing and keep your gear in good shape for years to come. I would not hesitate to take another Manny Vargas Production trip and hope it can happen soon!
Therese N
2017-11-27, 21:20
Manny V is a first class waterman and he knows how to bring the best surf/food/fun in Mexico to the group! We had endless waves, a green flash sunset, warm time by the fire and excellent, hand-selected Mexican food. He stopped to get tacos on the way to lunch, just to be sure we all experienced tacos de birria. LOVED the trip and really only had to surf! The best and super high quality leader. Next trip - soon!!
Laureen K
2017-09-19, 23:00
This is my second time on the Baja weekender and Manny puts together a fun packed weekend of surfing, great food and local places. Everything is taken cared of from the time you leave until the to the time you go back- just show up and have fun. He knows all the local spots and is very accommodating. I definitely recommend this trip 5 stars!
Marley D
2017-08-21, 20:05
Highly recommend this trip to everyone. I just did my third Baja Weekender and it just keeps getting better. From delicious pre-surf burritos to empty waves... this trip is great for any level of surfer who wants an authentic Baja experience! Manny V has EVERYTHING dialed in! He knows exactly when and where to take you so that you get the he best [empty] waves, cultural experiences and food! His energy is contagious and you will not be disappointed. I guarantee you if you go on this trip you will not stop smiling!!!!! Gracias Manny.
Karina S.
2017-06-16, 18:24
It's hard to put into words how special this trip was. As a newer surfer (4 months), signing up for a surf trip with people who have been in the water for years was a bit of a gamble. From the sleep, surf, eating/drinking, entertainment schedule options to the awesome accommodations to the keen attention to detail, I was covered. Manny made everything so seamless, which truly gave me the space and energy I needed to take advantage of the empty breaks we surfed - I ended up surfing the best I ever have and stepping up my game in a way that has given me so much more confidence on the water. Manny also captured many special moments on camera, which I greatly appreciated - I don't remember the last time I smiled so much :) I would HIGHLY recommend the Baja Weekender to anyone looking to have a magical, one-of-a-kind Mexico surf trip experience. I can't wait to go on another one. Thank you again for such an epic weekend, Manny!! #team2manynuts
2017-06-13, 19:13
Had a fantastic weekend with new friends, new waves and delicious food. Manny took care of every detail seemingly with ease and a big smile. I can't wait for the next trip!
A. Bird
2017-06-13, 08:45
Trip high: surfing an empty break with five wonderful surf ladies. Trip low: none. This is an incredible chance to get away for a few days, surf with new friends and have Manny take care of everything so all you have to do is surf, eat, and relax :) The opportunity to surf as many hours as my body allowed each day and critiquing the beautiful photos Manny took brought my surfing to a next level. I will carry that stoke into every surf session from now until my next trip with Manny. I look forward to many more of these and to making new surf buddies! Thanks for everything "Too Many Nuts! "
Bhavani K
2017-05-30, 17:54
Such a great chance to break the routine and get completely away! Fun new friends, new locally accessible breaks, excellent food and sight-seeing. The accommodations were charming and comfortable, and Manny's local knowledge smoothed the way in crossing the border and navigating the breaks. Loved having the photos - might be the first time I had a photographer and so many photos from a surf trip.
2017-05-23, 18:42
What an awesome trip. Super low stress. Manny had everything set and we headed South to the beach house. He knows where to eat, where to surf, and made sure everything is safe and pure fun. Lots of great pictures to capture the trip too. We plan to do it again and highly recommend it!
Rylan. R
2017-04-04, 11:28
This is the second time I have went on this trip and it only gets better each time. Manny is the HOST with the MOST and keeps surprising me with new stuff each time. Great people, amazing food, waves to ourselves and adventures around every corner! We can't wait until next time. I recommend Baja Weekender to any new or advanced surfers out there.
2017-03-13, 12:27
I had an absolute blast this weekend with Manny and the San Diego Surf Ladies. I have been to Baja to surf a handful of times but getting to go with someone who is waving, whistling, and honking at every one if his friends along the way made me feel safe and at home. Seeing him out surfing was even better. I loved that Manny catered the weekend to the energy of the group so that we got to do everything we wanted. I feel like I not only had some great weekend buddies but made some awesome surf friends to meet up with at my home breaks. To top it off the break was glassy the whole weekend! Look alive!
2017-03-12, 14:44
It's so great to see Manny in his element and he knows Baja like the back of his hand. Having known and surfed with Manny since the 80's, it was great to finally do a #bajaweekender and get the royal treatment.
2017-03-06, 16:15
After not visiting Baja for 30 years, this was THE BEST welcome back to Mexico ever!! Thanks for being such a great host. I really would consider going back for a bigger swell with you or a surf sesh here north of the border. Thank you Necia for helping put this trip together and introducing us to Manny, he’s great!
These pics are awesome, I have several favorites of each of us; great photography!!
P.S. Do you know where we can find some flan? :-)
2017-03-06, 10:40
Manny runs a tight ship! We had small waves and still had an epic time in and out of the water. The beauty of a Baja Weekender trip with Manny is that he takes care of everything. All you have to do is decide what time to wake up and how much to enjoy yourself. :)
2017-02-27, 10:42
I am an avid Baja Adventurer and I frequent south of the border very regularly with my own truck and friend's trucks to surf and eat. However, this past weekend I did a trip with Manny and I was impressed! He is a Full-On Local down there and It was very cool to have him take me to places I have never been to. I sat back and enjoyed as he toured us all over for surf, fun, and epic EATS! Manny makes everything feel SAFE! Baja can be an intimidating place if you don't know what you are doing, but with Manny, you just relax and enjoy!!
Christine S
2016-12-15, 19:33
Manny runs a great trip! He was recommended by a friend who has been on the Baja Weekend many times... we were not disappointed! Uncrowded waves, safe travel, comfortable lodging, fantastic food, nothing to worry about. Manny is a great host and guide. Will definitely be back!
2016-11-30, 21:08
This was my 1st Baja Weekender and I'm already trying to plan my next one. I had so much fun on this trip, met some awesome people and rode TONS of uncrowned rides. Oh and the food is incredible. Pack your appetite! Manny takes all the worry and stress away and is the perfect tour guide. He knows the area, knows the locals and knows the baja secrets. He also makes you feel comfortable and safe right away. I can't wait to go again!!
2016-11-29, 13:23
Manny is definitely the host with the most! What an incredible trip. I loved the fact that all we had to do was show up and Manny takes care of everything. From great food, good vibes and secret surf spots that have zero crowds. This is the best getaway weekend my wife and I have had in a long while that we could really devote to the beach. We recommend this to any beginner or seasoned surfer as you get it all! We will be back. THANKS AGAIN MANNY.
2016-11-28, 19:37
Manny eliminates all the hassles of traveling to Baja, so all you need to bring is a huge appetite and desire to surf. You’re sure to get delicious food, great company, uncrowded waves, and tons of photos. Whether it’s surfing or dining, he knows all the places in Baja you wouldn’t be able to find on your own. He also has the whole process streamlined, so he makes every part of the trip fun – even the border wait. Beyond that, he’s a super cool guy and amazing surfer!
Laura Wolfgang
2016-11-24, 06:43
Can I just say WOW! This was my 4th Weekender but this time I took my man with me. He knew I had fun on these but now he truly understands the stoke. No worries, too much good food, comfortable accommodations and of course the best part GREAT SURF AND EMPTY WAVES! Oh yeah, the photos are a major bonus too. Ready to go back again soon! Thanks Manny!!!!
Jay Fajardo "jaycation"
2016-09-22, 08:38
Manny V and The Baja weekender Guaranteed to be a great getaway.
Let me first say the El Capitan Manny V. is a true waterman, from riding the SUP, surfing, and killing it on the BOOGIE. I remember seeing him in all the Boogie Magazines growing up in the 90's. I actually took my first Boogie trip with him to Cabo San Lucas for "The Cabo Freak Fest 2003", also taking Several trips to Indonesia for "The Indo Experience" and last but not least Costa Conquest all as memorable as the next.
The Baja Weekender exceeded all my expectation. This weekender is made for all skill levels of surfing, Though our trip was all Bodyboarders it was epic to find some hidden wedges and barrels for our liking, And venture to empty beaches that was just a hike away to amazing waves for us to enjoy, Manny V is also a great Photographer and know how to capture the shot either in the water or by shooting on land.
As for the accommodations excellent warm showers and a comfy bed, with a nice living room where you can enjoy your coffee in the morning, and hang out for a few beer before bed.
As for the food, I loved it breakfast burritos , tacos galore and the Lobster dinner! Amazing and I cant forget the freshly made churros.
If you need a weekend getaway for a reasonable price Manny V. Baja weekender is for you, Perfect place to meet new people or bring your group of friends and leave all the worries behind.
Frank Felipe, III
2016-09-19, 17:51
Baja Weekender with Manny Vargas is a guaranteed EPIC time. No matter your skill level or experience, Manny V will take care of everything. Food, transportation, living arrangements, photos, it's all covered! I challenge you to find any ONE of the accommodations and you won't come anywhere near what you will have with Manny and his experience and talent both in the water and behind the lens. Like I've said in the past, this was not my first trip with Manny V and definitely not my last!
Ricky Moore
2016-09-19, 11:37
If you're looking for an amazing weekend, whether there are waves or not, you've come to the right place! Manny V and his Baja Weekender are the perfect combination of adventure, eats and all around great time. The best part is you don't have to be an expert surfer to take part in this fun-filled safe weekend. When you're with Manny V... it's all good. I highly recommend the Baja Weekender to anyone looking for a spiced-up change to your weekend routine. Lesssgooo!!!!
Janis Sandlin
2016-08-22, 14:55
Hola friends! Manny took myself and 5 soon to be new friends on one of the best weekends I have had since relocating to SoCal on a Baja Weekender trip!! Great surf, awesome mellow vibe, amazing food, and new friends for life! And the photos, these alone are worth more than the cost of the entire trip! I will be on many more to come, thanks Manny!!!
Jen B
2016-08-03, 15:19
I had not been to Baja in years, and had lost my mojo to just fire up and go back. SO stoked I went with Manny! It was amazing - the group, the accommodations, the food...and best of all the surf. Uncrowded, beautiful, plentiful. I surfed until my arms were done and then ate lobster until my belly was full. Having Manny in charge and driving us to different spots made for a perfect carefree weekend. Bonus: he accepts guest DJ's in the car. Looking forward to my next trip!
2016-05-26, 23:22
I loved the Baja Weekender trip! It's amazing how going away even for just two days can be so rejuvenating, which it is, and it's because Manny is such a great guide and host! With Manny as a guide, we all felt safe and were able to totally relax and just have fun and SURF! He knows all of the great spots to go no matter what the conditions, and takes care of every detail so that everyone has a great time. The house is adorable, the community is friendly and welcoming, and we had the surf spot virtually all to ourselves! Loved the photos too--can't wait to go back! Thanks Manny!
Nicole Dodson
2016-04-13, 17:16
This testimonial is long overdue, but I have been on a few of Manny's Baja Weekender trips and the man just knows where to find waves in any swell. Northern Baja is fickle. Not every break breaks the same way and not everywhere is firing when there is swell. Even in lack of swell, there are hidden gems Manny knows of to score. Going on one of these trips is like a mini surf retreat. It's all inclusive and you don't have to do anything but surf waves. The best thing about Manny is that he gets along with EVERYONE and is great at feeling out the vibe of the group and delivering.
Kéra Leblanc
2016-04-05, 10:11
Its simple Manny is the Man! First time in Mexico and I had a blast. I loved everything about the Latino culture. We were treated like Queens and who doesn’t like that??? Many of the testimonials talk about how safe they felt with Manny which I totally agree, however I want to add that it wasn’t just Manny. The people of the town were all super friendly and very amicable. The house Manny provided was so adorable and we all felt at peace. The waves were radicals. I was able to have fun and take as many waves as I wanted since our spot was deserted. After Baja, I’ve already seen an improvement in my surfing techniques. Finally if you want to take a break from your routine, discover an amazing culture, surf your brains out, disconnect from social medias, built new relationships, and have an abundance of happiness than pack your bags and get in the car with Manny. He will make it happen:)…FYI be careful Manny will feed you like you never ate before. Hahahah thanks a lot Manny for the beautiful experience and the outstanding pictures. You will see me very soon.
Aleks D.
2016-04-03, 09:45
I had a wonderful time surfing on a Baja Weekender trip with Manny. I was a little afraid to go first, as I heard lots of stories about the danger that awaits tourists in Northern Baja, but as soon as I got into Manny's car on Friday night, the worries disappeared! I felt very safe the entire trip. Manny took care of everything, including great surfing spots, pictures, lots of amazing food and beer. He is a great guide, and very knowledgeable about Baja, their people and everyday life in Baja. I had a really fantastic time, and I can't wait to go again soon!
Jenny T.
2016-03-29, 07:25
This was my first time surfing in Baja as well as my first time on a Baja Weekender trip with Manny and both first far exceeded my expectations. Every aspect of the weekend was amazing, down to the breakfast burrito(s). Manny makes things so easy and so fun. I love how he even has a special blue carpet for us to stand on while changing and cold beer ready after each session. He's thought of every detail. All meals were amazing and the surf even better. On Sunday, it was perfect conditions and there was no one out but our little group. I caught more waves on this trip than I would in a month back home at my usual (crowded) break. And an extra bonus is the amazing photos he takes. Those make the price of the trip seem like a steal. If you're looking for a way to experience Baja from a local, the Baja Weekender will deliver. Thank you Manny for an amazing weekend! Can't wait for the next one!
Jimil-Anne Linton
2016-03-29, 03:53
What can I say? Manny V never fails to impress! I spent the whole weekend with 5 ladies that I had never met before, and ended up having so much fun with them-- both in and out of the water! I work as a full-time nurse and had been dreaming of going on a trip where my only obligation was to surf my heart out while everything else was taken care of for me-- that totally happened during my Baja Weekender! When Manny said it was "all-inclusive", he wasn't kidding around: transportation, accommodations, food (and beer), fun, and great surf were all provided. Mornings started off with all the various breakfast burritos your heart desired and coffee, followed by a dawn patrol to kick off the day. We were taken to a beach that had no crowds in the water and the waves were smooth and glassy (although this is not always guaranteed, weather was in our favor this particular weekend). On Saturday, we were out in the water for about 2.5 hours and then taken to lunch for some great tacos (although, we didn't have to have tacos there if we didn't want to). Came back to the house for a small siesta, and then hit the water again for a PM surf session. For dinner, we had some of the most amazing lobster I've ever had! On Sunday, we were again greeted with burritos and coffee, and an amazingly fun AM surf sesh-- which went on for about another 2.5 hours. We had a great lunch before heading home, and we were entertained with the great photos of our trip while waiting at the border. In addition to surfing and eating, Manny showed us around the town-- we shopped and got to check out some of the local attractions in the Baja area.

What I love about everything that Manny does (photography, trips, etc.) is that he never skimps on quality. The house we stayed at was so beautiful, and right by the ocean. In fact, some of us watched the sun set from the rooftop of the house! Prior to the trip, Manny was thorough with his instructions on what to bring and how to pack. He also sent us a rough agenda of the weekend. He was so accommodating that if we didn't want to surf, we didn't have to-- but I think the general consensus for our group was that we were there to shred-- and we did. ;)

Thank you Manny for an unforgettable trip. I had never been to Mexico before and was always told it was not safe. But you know what? Manny was an awesome tour guide and there was never a second during that trip when I didn't feel like I was in good hands. This was my first time in Mexico and I had a blast. Thanks again Manny for an incredible weekend-- I'm definitely going to do this again!

Muchas gracias! :D
Linda Dado
2016-03-28, 10:38
What a way to spend a weekend! This was my second BajaWeekender surf trip with Manny - and somehow it topped the first time. This weekend was truly a get away for me - leaving it all behind and signing up for the trip solo - Manny provided exactly what I needed! No need to worry about anything - he provides a great agenda that caters to the entire groups' desires all while keeping a smile on everyone's face. He knows where to find the best tacos, the best lobster, the best breakfast burritos...but the best part is the secret surf spot he took us to - just a few friendly locals and SoCal friends alike enjoy the empty lineup! Thank you Manny - I've made some great friends on each of my trips and memories that will last forever! Gracias amigo!
2016-03-22, 13:37
This was by far one of the best week-end I have spent since I moved to San Diego. Traveling with Manny and my group of french friends (the FRADABINGS) was such a great experience.
From surfing, to eating burritos, lobster, tacos, eating margaritas, pina coladas, tequila, relaxing in jacuzzis, the pool, then dancing and more... everything was just perfect! We got to discover and enjoy a totally new culture, really different from the US, and most of it, made wonderful memories with a lot of laughs!
Manny is a really great host/ photographer/ tour guide - all-in-one human being haha. He perfectly took care of everything and always made sure things were going well for us.
As a group of beginners, we got to learn surfing in Baja: EXTRAORDINARY EXPERIENCE ! We even "got to the pic, took a massive set; and this was f*****g RAD ! :-)
As a whole, thank you Manny for this wonderful experience. I really recommend anyone to hop on his car and enjoy this "relaxing" experience.
**Pour tous les francais, n'hesitez pas a vous joindre au groupe, Manny parle meme un peu francais, et tout est securise: AUCUNES craintes a avoir sur le Mexique et Baja! Amusez-vous et profitez.**
For the next group: DIFRUSTAR !
Lil kat
2016-03-10, 23:28
MannyV no ka 'oi!
Regardless of whether you are a veteran or newbie traveling w Manny is amazing.
FUN: Manny has a great vibe, the trips are a blast!
FOOD: He knows the best places to eat.
FOTOS: The whole experience is captured, you get to see yourself surf and more, pics in and out of the water.
SAFE: Always safe and comfortable, no matter the level of your surfing.
Although I'm usually a diy-er, love the trips w Manny -- he's organized (everything is taken care of) but allows spontaneity, manages the group dynamics well. Trips maximize surf time/breaks and Volvo has an enviable set-up. Definitely worth it!
2016-03-10, 16:22
Surfing with Manny and friends in Baja was the greatest! He took us to the best surf spots with empty waves (close to our comfortable beach house), fed us the tastiest fish tacos and lobster, and introduced us to the friendly locals and cool tourist attractions. He is an amazing photographer and captured nearly the entire weekend on camera, my favorite being the awesome shots he got of us on the waves.
Epic surf, delicious food, incredible photos, and even knowledge about the local missions, Manny provided it all. Thank you Manny. Can't wait to go back!
2016-02-17, 16:24
Manny... Thanks a million! Had a great time, thanks for your hospitality! You had a weekend packed with fun things to do. The surfing was great, the restaurants and locals spots, shops. And the really nice family and home we stayed at was awesome. Felt safe and excited at the same time. You were a lot of fun and I look forward to coming back soon.
2016-02-16, 18:23
Manny!!! Thank you so much for everything - you're very talented at what you do. I felt safe the entire weekend including in surf that was way bigger than I've ever surfed! I'll never forget all the laughs we all had - You're the best! Much love to you xoxo
PS I'm already planning my next Baja Weekender!
Las Chicas Malas forever!
Camille Cunningham
2016-02-15, 15:50
I've gone on two of Manny's weekender trips now and I can honestly say it gets better and better! Surfing empty waves, the great food, amazing hospitality, and general good time is a given. But what I really appreciate about Manny is his constant desire to improve on the Baja experience he gives his guests. No two weekenders are the same and he does so much to ensure this. I will continue to go on Manny's trips because at the end of a long week of thinking and working, it's so nice to not have to do either. Just kick back, enjoy, and let Manny take care of the rest. Thanks a million, Manny! Las Chicas Malas!!
Alexia B
2016-02-15, 12:28
My first time into Baja and Manny took care of everything! We really were so well looked after, from the secret surf spots to the best eats and more. Manny was super fun and really put up with our crazy group of Las Chicas Malas so well! An absolute treat! Thank you Many!
2016-01-19, 14:41
BAJA BABY!! I've been on a few Baja Weekenders with Manny and I always leave Baja with a big smile on my face. When you go with Manny, you know you are always safe under his wing. You get to surf some epic empty Baja waves, stuff your face with delicious food, drink some refreshing beer after that nice long surf sesh, and take home some of the best surf shots you will ever own. Manny's positive energy and good vibes roll through the entire weekend!!!!!!
Dean Culero
2016-01-19, 09:26
We started the year right on a trip to Baja with Manny's BajaWeekender. Empty and epic waves were on tap, drinking cold after surf sesh brewskis was energizing, and scarfing Baja's best tacos/lobster/burritos was the norm. Manny took care of everything to include food, lodging, transportation, photos, and surf spots. This was a worry free trip full of jokes and surf that will make you want to stay at the Hotel Baja California.
2016-01-18, 15:41
Gracias Manny! Decided to take a last minute trip to Baja through Baja Weekender. Caught some memorable waves and ate some great food. My first time in Baja and Manny made it no worries and all fun. The only thing I had to think about all weekend was where was the next good wave going to be and how much better is the next meal going to get. Hassle free, stress free and good vibes...
2015-12-25, 18:37
Had an awesome time weekend of 12/20/15 - great food and waves, accommodation and travel was comfy and safe too. Manny got us the best waves and made sure we were always having fun. Looking forward to the next mission!
2015-12-25, 09:56
The food on this trip is outstanding. Manny does a good job of finding surf spots that accomadates everyone's skill level. He has a ton of knowledge about the northern Baja coast. It's nice to have him in the water taking pictures and getting everyone's stoke on. Coming back the border can be quite boring but Manny does a great job of making it interesting
Katie B
2015-12-22, 16:38
Amazing! The Baja Weekender was exactly what I needed to get away for a few days and enjoy the sun and surf in Mexico. Manny's positivity and local knowledge of the area (waves especially) made for a wonderful weekend for our group. We surfed epic waves with no crowds all weekend. The best part about the weekend is that Manny has your whole weekend planned and you get to just show up, surf and enjoy! Manny made me feel really safe and it was so nice not to have to worry about any of the details because he had it all planned and under control. From where to, surf, eat, sleep and so much more Manny thinks of everything. Our group had a wonderful time and we can't wait to join Manny again for another Baja Weekender!!! Thanks for an awesome weekend and so many fun memories!!!
Robert D (Surf Monkey)
2015-12-18, 20:52
Hahaha.. what can I say about Manny and the Baja Weekender. In repetition to his words... It was EPIC. It wasn't just about the surf. It was the adventure he's created. His knowledge of lay of the land, his relationship with the locals. He just made it fun. His positivity and awesome energy were infectious and made the weekend definitely memorable. Every portion of the trip was thoughtfully planned out and I think that's a great testament to what an awesome guide he was on this trip. I am definitely looking forward to the next trip/adventure and I have recommended and would recommend Manny and his Baja Weekender trip to any one.
Kathy Dow
2015-11-27, 10:59
Manny is everything you want and more in a tour guide! He has the energy and fitness level that is incredibly contagious! He has the patience and positivity that encourages all group members and leads the group at any level that they desire! Regardless he always brings it all and is ready to go to make the weekend the best one yet. When taking a tour with Baja Weekender, you are taking a personal guided tour with Manny who will truley make you unable to wait for the next trip!
Tiffany J.
2015-11-25, 13:32
MANNY IS THE MAN!!!! I've gone on a couple Baja weekenders with him, and he has never disappointed!
Great food, great waves, great company!
If I had one criticism, it would be that the tacos were too good. I mean, you figure "OMG surfing all day, I'm going to come home soooo skinny!" Then 900 tortillas later, all that fit are sweatpants. Thanks manny. Thanks A LOT.
Terri D
2015-11-24, 10:22
What a super trip #bajaweekender was. Team No Leftovers was on top form, and I so enjoyed everything we did! The surf breaks were awesome and the house we stayed in was spectacular with pods of dolphins greeting us for breakfast in the morning! LOVED my photos too. Can't wait to go again.